Speed up your WordPress website

I will make it simple

Who likes slow websites? No one! It’s not a secret. Google uses speed as a ranking factor so fast websites are good for SEO. Making your website load faster is one of the best things you can do to improve its overall performance.

How this hosting will help me? Simply it will be completely different experience than other hosting providers. This hosting service isn’t driven by money. The quality is the most important thing here.

How it's different?

In example Siteground. They are ok! But I’ve used them for a while so I can say JUST OK. The whole idea was to build a super powerful hosting with a backend system to give users freedom and worry less solution. And trust me, it works in that way. It’s of course supported by me and the datacenter Krystal in London with a Content Delivery Network all over the world.

We've got your back!

First of all, it’s a premium solution. Server is running the newest version of CloudLinux. Regular updates are here! On top of that server got a Litespeed Technology. Thanks to that configuration it’s really really fast! There is room for everyone, not slowing down on peak time. What’s more… the only limit on the server is a disk space. And it’s set to 15GB. Of course it’s also flexible, if you need more we can add you some space! Speaking about freedom. You will get also CDN, SSL certificate, caching system, image optimisation service, monthly backup and support. All in one price, so you don’t need to buy any extras!

How to switch?

That’s easy. You just share details of your current hosting and wordpress and we will do all. If you are a geek, then you can do that yourself because you will get a fully working cPanel with access to all services you want. No limits.



  • New hosting for 1y
  • WordPress Migration
  • SEO Optimisation for Speed
  • SSL Implementation
  • Image Optimisation plugin
  • SEO Skype 30min
  • Private FB Support Group
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