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Marketing & SEO


for photographers

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This workshop is for anyone who has a passion for wedding photography. Even if you are just starting out, this SEO & Marketing workshop for wedding photographers will provide you with tips, advice and information on how to get the most out of. Interactive, hands-on and full of straight-up practical information that you can actually use.

8 Topics Covered

Website Optimisation Pagespeed

WordPress Optimisation

Slow WordPress website? No need to spend a fortune. After this workshop your website will be damn fast!

SEO Strategy

Something that most of photographers has no idea about. I’ll show you how to juice those things up in practical ways.

Storytelling Blog Posts

No more boring and never ending scrolling blog posts. I will help you to attract visitors so they can easier be converted into clients.

Image Optimisation for Web

From Lightroom up to the website. You will learn how to process images so they can won’t slow down your website.

WordPress SEO Services

Attractive Slideshows

We all love them! Now you will learn how to create unique slideshows. Beautiful connection of music and your pictures.

Keywords & Competitors

Finding the best keywords will be easy! What’s more, you will learn how to check your competitors online.

Google Tools

Using free Google Tools – introduction to Analytics and Search Console, two powerful “friends” of your business.

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Portfolio Review

Specially invited guest will review your portfolio and share some awesome tips & tricks to help you improve your style.