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If you don’t know what an SSL certificate is it’s possible that your site and information are a bit behind the rest of the world. And this is definitely not a good place to be in a world that’s constantly changing! So, if you feel your search engine rankings are going down as do the number of monthly visitors and online clients, it is time to make sure your site (or sites) is up to date with the latest SSL certificate settings.

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EVERY website needs an SSL certificate and needs to be migrated from HTTP to HTTPS as soon as possible. Please make sure your hosting support SSL certificates. There are two options – it will be generated for your or you need to purchase SSL certificate in other place.

The Process is easy!

  1. Purchase the service
  2. After purchasing SSL service, you’ll receive an email to complete the collection form.
  3. We will set up your SSL certificate on your hosting service.
  4. We will update the database so all links will be able to work via HTTPS.
  5. We will then update configuration of Analytics and Search Console.


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