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Bespoke Websites

seo & web design for PHOTOGRAPHERS that want to take back their brand without losing their wallets

The Experience


build, design & launch


This experience is based on my proven solutions. Customised website and SEO optimisation. Top selling & seo recommended theme with hundreds of customisations. I highly recommend this experience if you struggle with seo, poor design or non responsive website. We close out the experience by the knowledge tutorial for you.


web design & seo


The experience starts with addressing all your needs and requirements. We will work together through step by step with every aspect of your website from the technical side to the front-end look. Then I will start a design. Website will be customised to make it unique to your business and marketing strategy. Your new website will be fully optimised for search engines (SEO). We close out the experience by the knowledge tutorial for you how to tweak, update, change your website and SEO yourself. This experience include also a SEO focused online Skype sessions with tutorial and Q&A.


web design & seo & customisations


Do you love the prospect of handing off all your ideas and inspiration to an expert designer to transform into a beautiful visual identity that perfectly reflects your brand and business goals? This experience is for you!

It starts with a brand and creative research based on your ideas and inspiration. Then I will design a website to reflect your business goals. Your website will be fully customised and unique. Full optimisation for search engines (SEO) will be applied. We close out the experience by the knowledge tutorial for you how to tweak, update, change your website and SEO yourself. This is the most complete experience I offer.

fix & speed

website performance & SEO


Fast websites are good for SEO, user experience, and conversion. Slow websites frustrate users and they will leave without taking action if your site takes longer than a few seconds to load. And you probably know Google uses speed as a ranking factor. They promote good user experience and lead to significantly higher conversion rates. Making your website load faster is one of the best things you can do to improve it’s overall performance.  The average user has little patience for a page that takes too long to load, and justifiably so.

I will review your site beforehand to make sure I can significantly improve it’s load time. Time frame is typically 1 week – usually I can make major optimisations within a day or two. On average I make websites 67% faster, that’s why I am confident enough in my services to offer a full money back guarantee if I can’t speed yours up.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is about helping your business website rank high in Google’s listings so that prospective clients can easily find you. This experience include: keywords & analysis; SEO implementation; blogging guide; link building & Google tools; SEO reporting system. On top of that to meet all goals I will improve a performance of your website.