Client Photo galleries. There are more than you can shake a stick at these days. The choice is always great, however, and for me, ShootProof delivers on everything that I need as a working photographer. Now there will always be loyal followers of a brand and also of the nearest rival, in this case, Pixieset. Loads of arguments to be found online on who is best, but here is my take.

I switched from Pixieset last year, so can safely say that I’ve given both them and ShootProof a good run for their money, and don’t get me wrong, Pixieset was great, but for my needs, it wasn’t quite enough. Close but no cigar. ShootProof offers way more possibilities which in the end made me switch over:

10 Reasons to use ShootProof over Pixieset

If you have a Flothemes website like I do, then ShootProof offers full integration with them keeping your brand solid whether a client is looking at your site or your galleries. (Something I’ve not tried yet myself). Flothemes charge $79 for this feature.


  • email marketing
  • upload app
  • the client app
  • vendor albums
  • up to four different brandings
  • the best price for unlimited files
  • integrated contracts and invoices
  • they constantly develop their product
  • great customer support and FB community

Now some photographers may not use some of the above features. For example, I’m yet to use the email marketing. Now I’m sure this could work well, but at the moment I just have it set to remind folk if they have photoproducts in their cart that they haven’t completed yet. The integrated contracts feature is great however and works well. I had problems with SignNow, who I have used for a few years. but some contracts sent from there ended up in spam folders, so was looking to change things over anyhow. The big thing for me out of all these features all was being able to use multiple brands.  I have two other photography businesses other than my wedding one. Family and Studio photography, both with their own brands and it was key for me to keep these entirely separate from each other. The studio work, in particular, has entirely different pricing for my photography products and has things like sitting fees and various packages and gift vouchers etc that clients can choose from. It would have been nigh on impossible to have all this under one gallery brand and would have meant having to pay for a separate package elsewhere. ShootProof lets you have multiple brands under one subscription at no extra cost.

Speaking of cost, I pay £240 a year which gives me up to 25,000 images which are more than enough for my needs. If you need more than that then the next one up is the unlimited package which works out at £380.

I’ve barely scratched the surface on the features that ShootProof offer, but it’s safe to say I’ll be utilising them a lot more this year, particularly the client app for studio shoots that I undertake.

As the wedding industry and the amount of competition grow each year, it’s important as photographers that we get all the details nailed, from websites, branding, and galleries, to the way we simply word an email response.

I reckon under 25% of our time is shooting (sadly!), so software like ShootProof makes all the difference.