Google recently released a new version of Search Console, a tool for monitoring the presence of our site on Google. The new version of the tool is in the Beta version and has very limited functionality comparing to the previous version. However, One of the new features is very useful.

No sitemap is often indicated as a serious error in the optimisation of the website’s SEO. Is it right? Sitemaps allow you to tell Google about the list of pages on our site and that’s it. Their presence does not affect the position in Google. The only benefit of a sitemap is that Google is able to reach pages that will not find links on the website. However, pages without internal links has no chance for a good ranking position in Google.

Over the years, in spite of all guides and guidelines, people have not usually used sitemap, assuming that if you can not see the difference, then why overpay. As we have seen in recent the situation changed with the introduction of the new version of Google Search Console.

Thanks to the New Search Console we exactly know what pages Google index and what not. Now it’s easy to find a source of issues for lack of indexed pages. The new Search Console, though it is still in the Beta version, is already helping to solve the problems that required the use of external tools so far. I can’t wait for the next updates.

Speaking about fixing issues. Recently I worked on Beziique. It was a tough task, hundreds of indexed pages shouldn’t be in Google from the Beziique website. How come Google indexed them? Finding the source of all problems was a bit nightmare. And then… all the answers were in the New Search Console.

Do you use Google Search Console?? Comment below. It’s a brilliant tool, so go and start using it!

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