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What We Do

Mainly we work with photographers and wedding businesses of all shapes and sizes, from early-stage startups to the world’s biggest names, to create websites and marketing & SEO services that solve the problems of today as well as define the opportunities of the future.

Through our company, we also develop our own products – wedding photography workshops, SEO workshops and crash courses, one to one education and online courses including wedding photography, SEO, marketing, business development.


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Be in Control

Take charge of your website and your online marketing. We build using WordPress so you can update your own website any time you want!

Be Appealing

We help you get a clean and simple design that appeals to your clients and makes it easy for them to enquire or buy from you.

Feel Confident

We take time to explain things to you so you will feel confident about your website and how it works and fits into your overall online marketing plan.

Feel Supported

If you need support, education or advice once your website is live, we are happy to help. We stay interested in you and your business.

Build Design Launch


This experience is based on my proven solutions. Customised website and SEO optimisation. Top selling & SEO recommended theme with hundreds of customisations. I highly recommend this experience if you struggle with SEO, poor design or non-responsive website. We close out the experience with the knowledge tutorial for you.

  • WordPress Installation
  • Custom Theme Installation
  • 4 Designed Pages
  • Website Optimisation for Speed
  • 1 Feedback Call
  • 1 SEO Call
  • Blogging manual

Build Design Launch SEO


The experience starts with addressing all your needs and requirements. We will work together through step by step with every aspect of your website from the technical side to the front-end look. Then I will start a design. The website will be customised to make it unique to your business and marketing strategy. Your new website will be fully optimised for search engines (SEO). We close out the experience by the knowledge tutorial for you how to tweak, update, change your website and SEO yourself. This experience includes also an SEO Strategy focused online Skype sessions with tutorial and Q&A.

  • WordPress Installation
  • Custom Theme Installation
  • 6 Designed Pages
  • Website Optimisation for Speed
  • On-Site SEO
  • 1 Feedback Call
  • 1 SEO Call: Crash Course + Tutorial
  • Website Maintenance Tutorial
  • Blogging manual

Let's talk about your ideas

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website performance & SEO

Because fast websites are good for SEO

Advanced All in One Page Speed Optimisation

Fast websites are good for SEO, user experience, and conversion. Slow websites frustrate users and they will leave without taking action if your site takes longer than a few seconds to load. And you probably know Google uses speed as a ranking factor. Making your website load faster is one of the best things you can do to improve its overall performance.

We will review your site beforehand to make sure we can significantly improve it’s load time. The time frame is typically 7 days – usually, we can make major optimisations within a day or two. On average we make websites 67% faster, that’s why we are confident enough in our services to offer a full money back guarantee if we can’t speed yours up.

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WordPress Site Not Ranking?

Your search has ended. No more spending a fortune on SEO and getting zero results! We are ready to help you!

All-Inclusive WordPress SEO

* Plugins & Hosting Migration may be added.

OK, we know! You are a photographer and you might not be aware of hosting issues. Seriously, there are many kinds of hosting available, including shared hosting and Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS). Most of the photographers use cheap and mainstream shared hostings. Continuing to use those cheap shared hosting is bad for your business. So don't worry, if your hosting is really bad, we will find alternative one within your budget.