When taking a photography workshop or conference, it’s important to ensure you’re investing your money wisely. Whether you’re an amateur or professional wedding photographer, one thing holds true — if you belong to any photography group on Facebook or photography community website, or have photographer friends, you are likely to get spammed (probably) daily with educational opportunities and workshops. That’s right, you laughing now. We know it’s very easy to get lost these days.

The choice you have for photography conferences, workshops, or intimate workshops under 10 people is crazy! You must know that photography conferences are awesome opportunities to meet people in the industry. They are great to build a social network, however, you probably won’t learn much there. Now workshops, we think they are some of the best learning opportunities there. It’s still important to note that just because something is called “photography workshop” doesn’t mean that there aren’t any precautions to take and research to be done. Be smart so you won’t be upset to waste your time and money.

Here are some upcoming photography conferences and workshops in Europe to choose from in 2018. This research will help you get the most for your money and help you grow as a photographer. In our opinion, those are the most interesting and the most important events that you should join while not getting ripped off.

Snap Photography Festival, UK

Location: West Lexham
Dates: 23rd to 27th April
Pricing: Starting at £1000
Size of Event: up to 95 attendees
Speakers: Kristen Kalp, Marianne Chua, Don and Helen, Cathy Haynes, Chris and Verity Sansom, Wyn Wylie, Alison Branagan, Alex Beckett, Laura Babb, Matt Badenoch, Claire Penn, Ellie Gillard, Kari Bellamy, Jamie Sia Gadong, Elly Lucas, Shelley Richmond, Hannah Hall, Ell Narbrook

SNAP is not a workshop. SNAP is not a camping trip. SNAP is not a conference. SNAP is the chance to be a part of something bigger than the sum of its parts.

The Secret Retreat, Italy

Location: San Marco, Italy
Dates: 11th to 15th September
Pricing: £1,750
Size of Event: 25 – 30 attendees
Speakers: Andrea Ellison, Claire Penn, Lucy Woodrow, Melissa Love, Mandy Beck, My Secret Italy

The Secret Retreat is aimed at female wedding photographers who are looking for a relaxed retreat-style workshop which covers all aspects of running a successful wedding photography business and those who are keen to book destination weddings (or more of them).

Danger of single story, Slovenia

Location: Lake Bled
Dates: 16th April
Pricing: starting at 490€
Size of Event: intimate workshop
Speaker: Irena & Aleks Kus

Join us in Danger of single story, a one full day creative visual storytelling wedding photography workshop! To raise up your awareness, engage the curious and expand your creativity. Led by visual storytellers Aleks and Irena Kus.

Bodaf Europe, Spain

Location: Barcelona
Dates: 13 to 16th of March
Pricing: starting at 275€
Size of Event: conference 200+
Speakers: Martin Parr, Luis Garvan, Allison & Brian Callaway, Victor Lax, Greg Finck, Roberto Panciatici, Mónica Muñoz, Gys, William Lambelet, Maru Films, Eric-René Penoy, Frøydis Geithus, Tom Robak, Sam Hurd, Rafal Bojar

The eighth edition of the most anticipated wedding congress. If you want to learn and grow as a professional image Bodaf Europe is the largest congress in Europe. 4 days of lectures, Master Classes, Keynotes and 1000 square meters of commercial offer with simultaneous translation to English for lectures and masterclasses. All in the centre of Barcelona in Auditorium Axa (600 attendees last edition) surrounded by shops, restaurants and design area for your leisure time. Bodaf is the reference since 2010 to meet the photographers of tomorrow.

Ostuni Workshop, Italy

Location: South Italy
Dates: October 2018 (to be confirmed)
Pricing: to be confirmed
Size of Event: to be confirmed
Speakers: Gianluca Adovasio, Greg Finck, 2 Brides, Marco Schifa, Sotiris Tsakanikas, Taylor & Porter, Elisabetta Marzetti (to be confirmed)

Ostuni Workshop is a project based on “sharing ideas and knowledge”. We will spend some days together to share our experiences in a mesmerizing location, surrounded by the great beauty of nature. We will listen to the stories of our speakers, from the tale to the screening of their works, including current and upcoming marketing strategies. In a friendly and calm atmosphere, we will experience our unforgettable time together.

Caldera Workshop, Greece

Location: Santorini
Dates: 7th to 10th may
Pricing: Starting at 1750€
Size of Event: 25 attendees
Speakers: Sebastian Nandryka, Eric-Rene Penoy, Froydis Geithus, Gione de Silva, Evergreen, Mark Pacura, Arte Cinematica, Yannick Zurfuh

A workshop based on practice. For wedding photographers, cinematographers and hybrid shooters. Our vision is to provide a learning experience that goes far beyond formal speeches or traditional classroom presentations. You will have the chance to attend shooting sessions by the speakers where they will present their philosophy and their approach and will provide you with valuable input for your own shooting sessions. You will be able to interact closely with these people on a more informal level. You will get shooting time with couples in amazing locations so that you can enrich your portfolio in the island of your dreams. You will have one to one mentoring sessions that will help you boost your business and creativity to the next level.

Islanders, Ireland

Location: Kilkenny
Dates: 19th to 21st March
Pricing: 495€
Size of Event: conference 200+
Speakers: Petar Jurica, Eric Savo, Egle Lauktye, Maru Films, Sascha Kraemer, Dreamcatcher, Amy French, Rafal Bojar, Cinematic Tide, Paul McGinty, Dave McClelland, Mark Pacura, Enchanted Brides, Story of Eve, Awake and Dreaming, Ross Harvey

Islanders were born as a need of creating an event, where photographers and videographers can gather in one place and feel welcome in an ever growing community. Sharing same values. Experiencing similar struggles. Becoming a better version of ourselves. Raising the standards. Challenging our weaknesses. Connecting people with passion. Building new friendships. Inspiring our souls. Growing as an industry.

Nine Dots, UK

Location: London
Dates: 12th to 14th November
Pricing: Starting at £662.50
Size of Event: conference 100+
Speakers: Jennifer Moher, Anna Ambrosi, Heather Jowett, Sam Docker, Nadine van Biljon, Laura & Pete Lawson, Ross Harvey, Claire Penn, Susana Barbera, J Dhillon

The NineDots Gathering is the annual boutique conference for 150 like-minded wedding photographers in London every November founded in 2014. The 4th annual NineDots Gathering in London. 3 crazy days of learning, inspiration + community.

The main aim is to share

As practical as possible workshops

SEO for Photographers


Individual (1-2-1) SEO & Marketing crash courses are the best way to improve your online presence quickly and effectively. Whether you have never worked on your SEO, web design or would just like to improve online visibility in Google, you will get an individual, intensive guidance throughout the day.

SEO workshop is as practical and as relaxed as possibly it can be; there is no blackboard, projector or any sort of boring presentation. Through the day we will focus on your website and work via Skype screen sharing, so after all, you will have a knowledge that you need to create new SEO strategies and follow the one we will create.

We first go through your website analytics, reports and visual review. Then, once we have talked about your requirements and needs you will get solutions that are easy, quick and painless. Throughout the day you will enter into the real world of SEO where we put all that theory into practice!

SEO crash course will take up to 6 hours.

That's what I need!

March & April in London

Posing Workshop in London for 8 attendees only!


This workshop is for openminded people who are just starting out in photography along with those who have been shooting for a while but want to learn new techniques.

Voyteck will share all his tips and tricks how to get the most out of every situation. You will spend 2 hours shooting with a super cool couple (hello portfolio images!) and then you will head back to Voyteck’s house to discuss everything. You will cull the shoot and Voyteck will explain the process of editing from offloading your memory cards to exporting final jpegs. After all Q&A session in a local pub with drinks and general social fun.

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